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Offering your surplus materials in six steps


Step 1 | Complete the below form by entering your contact details, uploading one or more photos and providing a short description or explanation of the product you will offer. Please also include the quantities and dimensions so that we have a good indication of what you are offering. 

Would you like to offer more products? This is possible by clicking “+ add another product”. 


Step 2 | Our purchasing department will process your offer and will contact you if, for example:

- We require further information or to inform you that the product is unfortunately unsuitable for us.

- We would like to make an appointment to view the products you are offering.

- We would like to make a quotation.


Step 3 | We will send you a non-binding quotation for the products you are offering. It may be the case that we are only interested in some of the products you are offering; in that case, you will receive a quotation accordingly. At the same time, we will make a proposal relating to transport.


Step 4 | We will make an agreement on the price for what you have to offer.


Step 5 | Once we have agreed on the price, we will arrange transport. We will either pick up the products, or you can bring them to us yourself.


Step 6 | You send us your invoice, and we ensure it is processed smoothly.


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