Safety and marking

Safety and marking -

Various products for safety and markings for sale at Kruizinga.

At Kruizinga we have a wide range of products related to safety and marking. When setting up your warehouse, safety must of course be paramount. Kruizinga is happy to help you identify risks and select the right products for safety in the warehouse. In addition to floor marking in many versions, we also have protective brackets, collision protection, protective profiles, scaffolding protection and safety mirrors in our range.

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Which safety and marking materials can you find at Kruizinga?

Regardless of your environment and the tools you use, whether you work in an open space or in a chemical plant, you must warn your employees and customers of potential danger. Below we give a brief overview of the safety products that Kruizinga has in its range.


Collision protection

Collision protection is indispensable within a company where vehicles such as forklift trucks or machines are at work. Collision protection ensures that goods, racks or walls are protected. In addition, it also provides safety for personnel. Collision protection often has striking colors that warn people.


Protection brackets

The products that fall under the protective bars category have a lot of overlap with the collision protection and demarcation category. A protective bar can be a guardrail, a corner protection, or a protective post. These products also try to ensure that your warehouse is as safe as possible and that the risk of accidents for staff is as low as possible.

Protective equipment

Protective equipment is a means that must be used more and more. With these resources you try to ensure that a flu virus is spread less or to avoid contamination. For example, you can think of face protection, disinfectant and workplace shielding.


Protection profiles

The category 'protective profiles' includes products that protect walls, walls, corners and pipes. Protective profiles are made of strong materials, so they can absorb a blow from a heavy car or machine. Protective profiles are often found in logistics environments within, for example, hospitals and the food industry.

Signs and stickers

Kruizinga has various signs and stickers in its range. For example, we have warning signs that can be hung up and let employees know what to watch out for. We also sell floor stickers and identification labels.

Roadway marking

Roadway markings contribute to road order. You can take care of this in several ways. Consider, for example, the use of pawns, marking paint or fences. Road markings may reduce the risk of accidents.

Shelving protection

Shelving protectors are products, as the name suggests, that ensure that shelving in, for example, warehouses or shops is protected. These often occur at order picking locations. In other words, locations where employees are busy with heavy equipment or with forklift trucks. A shelf protector will absorb the impact.

Safety mirrors

Everyone knows what a mirror is. This is how we view ourselves in this, for example. But mirrors that guarantee safety are actually much more important. At Kruizinga we sell various types of safety mirrors for this purpose. Think of traffic mirrors and observation mirrors.

Floor marking and tape

With floor marking and floor tape it is possible to draw employees' attention to certain matters or situations in the warehouse. Identification labels, floor tape or marking paint are products that you can use for this.


Buy safety equipment? Kruizinga helps you!

Would you like to buy safety equipment, but do you still need help choosing the right safety equipment? Our specialists are ready for you, feel free to contact them. At Kruizinga you are assured of the right price/quality ratio.