Thermo roll container

Thermo roll container

Buy thermo roll containers at Kruizinga!

Do you want to safely transport fresh or frozen goods and your vehicle has no refrigeration equipment? Then choose a thermo roll container. A thermo roll container is an insulated container, also known as an ISO roll container container, which can be used for the transport of goods that need to be stored and transported cold.
The advantage of a thermo cart is that it is perfect for keeping products cold for a long time without requiring an entire installation system.


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Thermocontainers offer many advantages and are available in various sizes and colors at, both new and used and easy to combine with a cooling element or a floor.. You also save costs with transport, so you do not have to take a vehicle with cooling equipment. And they do not have to be immediately taken to a conditioned room, which makes it more flexible in terms of delivery times and personnel planning!


In which situations are thermo roll containers used?

ISO containers are used for the safe transport of fresh or frozen goods, i.e. products that must be transported and stored in a dry and cool place. You can think of transporting medicines or food.


Which types of thermo roll containers does Kruizinga have?

At Kruizinga you have the possibility to choose a new or used variant in thermo roll containers. The advantage of used is that it is in stock as standard. Are they sold out? Then they will be removed from the site. Our roll containers are made of a steel frame with insulated walls, which are equipped with 2 swivel and 2 fixed wheels.


Are there specific industries/sectors where thermo roll containers are used?

Specific industries where refrigerated roll containers often occur are healthcare. Think, for example, of both hospitals and pharmacies. They are also used in the hospitality industry and the event industry.


Buy Thermo roll containers?

Our new Thermo roll containers are produced according to HACCP regulations, this is a food safety system that has been developed to promote food safety. At Kruizinga we have a choice of new and used variants in thermo roll containers. The used variants are in stock and you will receive them quickly. Would you like more information about a specific type? Please contact one of our specialists.


What is the delivery time of a thermo roll container?

The delivery time of a refrigerated container may differ per roll container, you can see this from the colored dots on the product itself. Do you need a thermo roll container quickly? Then choose a used variant. These are always in stock, provided they are no longer listed on the site.

Is it possible to purchase large volumes?

It is possible to purchase thermal roll containers from Kruizinga to take in large volumes. Do you want to buy a lot? Then we advise you to contact a specialist, who will be happy to help you!

What type of products are transported in a thermo roll container?

At a thermo roll container, you can think of transporting products that must be transported in a dark and cool place, such as food. But they are also widely used in healthcare such as hospitals and pharmacies. There are also many products that need to be transported in a dark and cool place.