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Wide range of tire racks and tire racks for tire storage.

At Kruizinga we have a wide range of products for tire storage. These include products such as tire racks, tire racks, a tire trolley, protective covers and tire trolleys. These products can be used by both individuals and companies and ensure that car tires can be stored safely and conveniently.

Some tire storage products can be purchased both as new and used. In addition, customization is also possible. Or simply put together your own tire rack.

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What products tire storage and tire transport can you find at Kruizinga?

(Car or bicycle) tires can be stored or transported in different ways. To give a brief overview, these tire storage products for sale at Kruizinga will be briefly discussed.


Tire rack, or tire rack put together cheaply

Tire racks, also called tire racks, are racks that can store both heavy and light car tires. At Kruizinga, there are several options in terms of layout and sizes. For example, we sell a tire rack from a new type 55 shelf rack and can be expanded with an additional extension rack. This tire rack is made of the material steel, which makes it very sturdy. The extension section for a tire rack are also available separately from Kruizinga.

It is also an option to put together a tire rack yourself in our rack configurator. In this way you can design a customized rack and with this you will be able to divide your space as efficiently as possible. Tire racks can also be attached to the wall. This will ensure that the tires are no longer in the way. Tire racks, or tire racks are commonly found in various automotive environments.


Tire trolleys for moving tires.

A tire trolley, also called a tire stand, is a type of tire roller used in moving and storing tires. The platform is made of polypropylene, or plastic. The wheels under this platform are casters. This allows you to steer the trolley in different directions. The tire trolleys can accommodate 8 tires or 4 complete wheels.

Another additional advantage of the tire trolleys at Kruizinga is that they are equipped with a small tray. In this tray, small parts such as wheel nuts or other screws can be stored.

It is also possible to buy a used tire trolley instead of a new one. It varies at Kruizinga how many used tire trolleys are in the assortment. Still, when they are in the assortment, it is a cost-saving alternative for your as a company.


Tire trolleys

A tire hand truck, as the name itself suggests, is a hand truck for tires. Normally, you use a hand truck to easily transport heavy goods. With a tire hand truck, you can easily and safely move summer and winter tires from one place to another. A specific example of this is if you use a tire hand truck in a garage, for example, so that after changing tires, you can transport them to a storage area such as the warehouse.

A tire trolley consists of steel tubes and in addition, at Kruizinga there is the option to choose between pneumatic tires or solid rubber tires. Choose quality: Fetra tire trolleys with a 10-year warranty!


Tire Trolley

A tire cart is a type of small tire rack with wheels. The wheels make it possible to easily move a tire rack to the location you would like it to go. Thus, a tire cart serves directly as a storage device. This product is very common in the racing world. For example, you will see these found on the pit road, or in the racing world, where tires need to be changed quickly.

The adjustable tire carrier at Kruizinga is available in different load capacities. For example, we have a tire carrier in the range with a load capacity of 250 kg, a load capacity of 400 kg and a load capacity of 500 kg.


Store your tires with tire lifters

A tire lifter is a lifter for your tires. In other words, with the help of a tire lifter, you can ensure that the tires are raised to the correct height with little effort. When you have changed the tires of a car user, you may need to move the tires to a proper space. Car tires can be very heavy and it is also bad for your health to lift them continuously. By placing a car tire on a tire lifter, you can easily pump it up. There are also stairs attached to the tire lifter. This allows you to easily place the tire in the right place of a tire rack.


Buying tire storage products? Kruizinga helps you!

Tire storage products such as tire racks, tire racks, tire lifters, tire trucks are available at a good price at Kruizinga. In addition, Kruizinga also offers the opportunity to purchase many of these products as "used. By purchasing used tire storage resources, you ensure that you are contributing to sustainability and in addition you can save money by doing so. It is also possible to have a tire rack custom made. This way you ensure that your space is used optimally.

Another reason to buy products from Kruizinga is that Kruizinga has more than 60 years of experience in selling logistics equipment. Our sales staff can give you the right advice.


Does Kruizinga also sell accessories for tire storage?

It is also possible to buy various accessories for tire storage. For example: car transport straps, car tire protection covers and wibastrips.

Can I store tires at Kruizinga?

It is not possible to store tires at Kruizinga. We only sell storage equipment for tire storage.