Various 3-witch roll containers at Kruizinga!

Looking for affordable and high-quality 3-sided roll containers? Kruizinga, all applications can be found! Both for rent and available to measure.


The 3-sided roll containers are characterized by the three different walls that allow goods to remain in place. The 3-sided roll container is ideal for storing and transporting fragile goods. Racks are easy to place so that the goods do not have to be stacked, but the entire roll container can still be used. These roll containers are perfectly suited for any environment where internal transport takes place, easy to move many goods at the same time. Consider, for example, warehouses, storage, airports, hospitals, supermarkets and retail.


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Smart choices



Purchase quality roll container on a limited budget? View our used 3-sided roll containers, in perfect condition for a lower price. These roll containers are subject to a careful selection and quality inspection, so Kruizinga is assured to sell high-quality used roll containers.


Different versions

A 3-sided roll container comes in many different designs, including many different materials. For example, there is a choice of a bottom of wood, plastic or steel. If lighter products have to be transported, you can choose plastic and if you have heavy goods, choose wood or steel.


Why a 3- buy witch roll container at Kruizinga?

Kruizinga attaches great value to personal customer contact, Kruizinga puts the customer first from start to finish. Our specialists can help you make the right choice, after a few simple questions they know exactly what and why you need that specific roll container. During the ordering process, our specialists are of course ready for you to fully assist you when necessary. Kruizinga assures the customer of high-quality products that have a long lifespan.


What is the delivery time of a 3-sided roll container?

Delivery time may vary and that is because they have to be assembled by us. When you scroll through our 3-sided roll containers on the website, you will see the delivery time under each product. So you are already informed in advance.

Can I purchase large volumes?

Yes, we certainly have a lot in stock so that we can meet large orders.

What is the maximum load capacity of the 3-sided roll container?

This differs per roll container. For example, the maximum load capacity of a steel floor is up to 800 kg. A wooden and plastic bottom of up to 500 kg.

Can someone advise me about which type I need exactly?

Our specialists are happy to assist you, you can easily contact to get in touch. In this way, our specialists can advise the perfect roll container that meets your requirements.