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Kruizinga has a wide range, including the aluminum transport trolley, also called aluminum trolley. In our range of aluminum transport trucks, you can choose from different aluminum transport trucks new or used in various designs. Think of 1 flap on 1 long side, 2 swivel and 2 fixed wheels, 4 swivel wheels, closed version etc. These trucks are robust and have a long service life.

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Transport trolleys 1 flap at 1 long side
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What are the specific features of an aluminum transport truck?

Aluminum transport trucks have specific characteristics that make it very practical for certain applications. This is because aluminum is a sturdy material that can withstand shocks and high loads. Moreover, the metal trolley has odorless and hygienic properties, making it ideal for food, medical items and waste.

By providing this wheeled transport trolley with a lid, you improve its odorless and hygienic properties, as the contents are protected from air and external contaminants or bacteria. Moreover, they have the advantage of being very stable thanks to their low center of gravity and casters, making this handling tool very easy to handle and move, without the risk of falling or becoming seriously unbalanced. Finally, you can choose some models with removable walls that are foldable. This is practical because it makes loading and unloading the contents much easier and faster, especially with heavy products.

Why buy an aluminum transport trolley?

Why should you choose an aluminum transport trolley? This depends mainly on your activity and especially on your daily tasks. The aluminum trolley is a lightweight but very robust tool, giving it a long service life. If you work with heavy products that you need to handle indoors, this solution will meet your needs. Moreover, it does not affect the condition of this trolley, which will not deform easily thanks to the aluminum design and the strength of this material. Need help making your choice? No problem. Our specialists are ready to help you. Please contact them easily for this.


Can I buy used trucks at Kruizinga?

Because our used range changes constantly, it is possible that we have used trucks in our range one day and not the next. Want to know more about products labeled used? Check out our used page.