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Gitterboxes, also called wire mesh containers, are used as load carriers.
The sturdy walls of these wire containers provide high carrying capacity and are easily stackable. This makes steel box pallets well suited for moving or transporting both packaged and unpackaged goods within the logistics industry. An example of a steel mesh box is the euro pool-gitter box. These are manufactured according to UIC standard 435-3. In addition, collapsible and anti-theft mesh containers are also available from Kruizinga. All our mesh containers are available new, used and for rental. It is also possible to order as a custom solution.


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Advantages of a gitterbox

Gitterboxes have several advantages. These include:


- High carrying capacity. This allows you to transport goods in our gitterboxes with a load capacity of up to 2000 kg!
- Easy to move. You can easily move a gitterbox with a forklift or pallet truck.
- Stackable. When you want to save space, a stackable mesh container is handy. This saves you valuable space.
- Meet UIC 435-3 standard. This means they comply with international rules and regulations for goods transport by road and rail
- Made of strong construction. The strong construction ensures that the gitterbox can take a beating.
- Reusable means of transportation. In fact, you can use the gitterbox multiple times when transporting.


What different mesh containers are there?

Mesh containers, also known as gitterboxes or gibos, are available in different models and sizes. The gitterbox is made of metal and the walls of this container consist of wire mesh. The wire mesh of the gitterbox keeps the contents of the gitterbox highly visible. Kruizinga has a wide range of gitterboxes. Among other things, you will find collapsible mesh containers, fixed construction wire containers and anti-theft mesh containers. You can choose from used or new mesh containers. In addition, it is also possible to rent the gitterboxes or have the mesh containers custom-made.


In what environments are gitterboxes commonly used?

Steel mesh containers are characterized by their strong materials and versatility. These gitterboxes originated in the automotive industry, but nowadays many other industries also use these gitterboxes. For example, the gitterbox is perfectly usable within the transportation and logistics world, but the hospitality, retail and flight industries also use the mesh containers. This is due to the fact that the gitterboxes are easily transportable and are available in different sizes. Furthermore, the gitterboxes at are available in sizes such as 800x600 mm, 1000x800 mm, 1200x800 mm and 1200x1000 mm. If this is not the right size for you, you can contact us for custom mesh containers.


What features do our mesh containers have?

As mentioned earlier, gitterboxes can be used for different industries or logistics processes. Examples include: warehouses, distribution centers, automotive or other workshops. This is due to the fact that mesh boxes consist of strong steel material. The steel materials can be treated with different finishes, such as painting, powder coating or hot-dip galvanizing. Mesh containers are characterized by both stacking corners and lifting eyes. The stacking corners ensure safe and stable stacking and the lifting eyes give the advantage that the gitterboxes can be easily lifted and are therefore easily transportable. Another great advantage is that there are gitterboxes with flaps on the front, back or both sides. So you will always find a suitable gitter container.


Kruizinga supplies various accessories, storage and transport equipment.

To increase the efficiency of a mesh container, you will find at Kruizinga a diverse range of accessories to further increase the functionality of the mesh containers. Think for example of a pump truck, pallet truck or undercarriage but also forklift accessories and lifting accessories. Are you still not quite sure which gitterbox suits you? Contact our sales team! They will help you find the right gitterbox for your application.

What are gitterboxes?

Gitterboxes, also called mesh containers or gibos, are stackable wire containers that are easy to stack. Gitterboxes are used as load carriers. Because of their strong wire construction, gitterboxes have a high carrying capacity and are suitable for bulk storage, among other things. You can easily store goods in the gitterbox.

What sizes of gitterboxes exist?

At Kruizinga, we have different designs in gitterboxes which are divided into 4 different euronorms namely:
- 800x600 mm
- 1000x800 mm
- 1200x800 mm
- 1200x1000 mm

Looking for a desired size? You can customize this in the filter options on the left side of the page.

What is the delivery time of the gitterbox?

Delivery time of a gitterbox can vary. Is the gitterbox in stock and not a vacation or holiday? Then your order will be delivered to you within approximately 2 business days. Should it happen that your order is delayed, we will contact you as soon as possible to set a new delivery or pickup date with you.

Does Kruizinga have any other useful products for storing goods?

Besides gitterboxes we also have other products in our assortment which can help you store goods. For example: under trolley, stacking bin plastic, pallet truck etc.