Cash and carry carts

Cash and carry carts -

CC trolleys: indispensable in your warehouse

CC trolleys, you probably already have them once seen at garden centers and hardware stores. CC stands for Cash & Carry and are used for various applications. It offers your employees or customers a safe way to transport products. The trolleys are easy to slide into each other, saving up to 75% space. The large loading surface makes it easy to transport larger products such as boxes with products. It is an indispensable means of transport within your warehouse!


What can a CC car do for you?

With a CC car you can easily transport means of transport. Think, for example, of transporting wood or heavy boxes. They are often used in shops, supermarkets, garden centers or hardware stores. However, it is important to check the load capacity of the CC cart. The maximum load capacity of the CC trolleys that Kruizinga has in its range is 500 kg.


Want to buy a CC trolley? Kruizinga is ready for you!

Do you want to order a CC car? At Kruizinga we have different versions of CC vehicles. Would you like to buy a CC car, but you are not quite sure which version suits you? No problem! We are happy to help you. Our specialists are always there for you. You can easily contact and they will help you make the right choice.


What is a CC cart?

A CC cart (cash & carry cart) is a cart with a push handle and a large loading area. You can easily transport large items on it. They are available in different versions with different loading surfaces, such as a loading surface made of mesh or waterproof plywood with anti-slip.  

Can you also rent a CC car?

Kruizinga has a wide range of different products that you can rent. But you cannot (at the moment) rent a CC car.

Does Kruizinga also have used CC cars?

Kruizinga has a wide range of used products. Our used CC cars are first checked to make sure they are not broken. After they have been checked, they are photographed, which we make ourselves in our studio, so you always have an honest picture of the product. Do you want to buy a used CC car? Then you can filter this on the left side of the website under article classification. Is there currently no used listed? Then they are temporarily gone. As soon as new stock arrives on location, you will immediately see a heading “used” on the left side. appear.

Does Kruizinga have any other trolleys that are useful in a warehouse?

There are different types of trolleys that are very useful in a warehouse. You can think of cc wagon, order picking trolley, file trolley, support arm trolley etc.