Waste and trash bins

Waste and trash bins: Essential for waste disposal

Waste and trash bins are indispensable parts of every household and workplace. They not only help keep your environment clean, but also play an important role in promoting eco-friendly practices by facilitating recycling and waste sorting. 


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Why are quality waste bins important?

Choosing the right waste and recycling containers can change your daily routine. High-quality waste bins create a hygienic environment, prevent the accumulation of waste and minimise foul odours. Moreover, they promote efficient waste management, saving time and effort. 


Types of waste and trash bins

Kruizinga has various waste bins in its range. Below is a brief list of the different types:


Waste bin: Think small waste bins for the toilet or bathroom, for the kitchen or workshop

Waste bag holder: Various waste bag holders for wall and floor mounting

Outside waste bin: Wall-mounted outside waste bins, plastic/metal/wood waste bins

Outdoor ashtray: Practical outdoor ashtrays


Tips for choosing

Functionality: Consider bins with foot pedals or separation compartments for added convenience

Material: Metal, wood, stainless steel or plastic? Each material has its advantages. Plastic is light, while stainless steel is more durable

Size: Choose a bin that fits the amount of waste you produce