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Would you like to hire warehouse equipment or transport?

Do you need extra capacity on a temporary basis for a planned or unexpected increase in order volume, in dealing with seasonal peaks, an event, or when moving location? If so, hiring storage and transport equipment is the ideal solution. boasts a wide range of logistical resources that can assist you here. Our hire products can be delivered promptly and are well maintained, allowing us to guarantee top quality.


One of the major advantages of hiring storage and transport equipment is the relatively low investment. Since you often only require the products for a relatively short space of time, you are not tied to a major investment that you do not yet know to be profitable. The hired transport equipment also does not take up any valuable space when you no longer require it, because after use, it can simply be returned to


Whether it's roll cages, stacking bins, loading ramps, stacking racks or containers, our rental products can be deployed quickly and provide you with extra capacity. 


5 steps to your rental

Five steps to your rental

Step 1 | Choose the product (or products), the desired quantity, and determine the rental period. In this step, you can also indicate whether you want to collect the goods yourself or whether we should deliver them.


Step 2 | You will receive a price quote based on your request. When the price quote is clear to you, the final rental period can be determined for both parties. You will then receive a final quote with the rental agreement. We ask you to sign and return this for approval. When both parties agree, the request is confirmed.


Step 3 | The products you have chosen will be prepared for the rental period and are available for pick-up or delivery on the agreed delivery day.



The benefits of hiring allows you to hire a range of products for a set period of time. Hiring storage and transport equipment has a range of advantages. Are you curious about what advantages are involved? If so, keep reading!

- Do you need extra capacity on a temporary basis? We can make our hire products available to you at short notice.

- All our hire products are competitively priced, making your investment even more appealing.

- At, you can find a wide range of hire products that we are continuing to expand. Among other things, you will find all kinds of products, from mesh containers to roll containers and from loading ramps to stacking bins.

- We ensure that all storage and transport equipment is well-maintained and immediately ready for use. 


- Hiring products ensures that multiple buyers can make use of them and that the lifespan of the materials is extended as far as possible.




Terms and conditions of hire

The minimum hire period at is 30 days. For each application, we examine which conditions apply to you. This depends on the product, the numbers, for which period and the transport. You will receive these terms and conditions from us in a rental contract. Hiring is only available to business clients. 


Which products can you hire at


Hire roll containers



Hire roll containers

Roll containers are an essential component of distributing goods. The containers are widely used for supplying retail and supermarkets, but also for mail order companies, warehouses or when moving house. We offer a choice of a range of different roll container types; 2-door, 3-door, 4-door, anti-theft and even furniture transporters. Purchasing roll containers can be a major expense. allows you to hire a range of products for an agreed period of time. This allows you to avoid high purchase costs for temporary use of these products. is happy to help.





Hire stacking racks


Hire stacking racks

Would you like to make optimal use of the available floor area during an unanticipated busy period? Opt for maximum storage capacity and use stacking racks. Stacking racks have a wide range of uses and are also suited as a mobile tyre rack, large box rack or pallet rack. The height of the stacking racks can be determined by using different lengths of stanchions (tubes). The major advantage of the stacking racks is their flexibility. You can expand the stacking racks using a base plate for reinforcement, wheels for manoeuvrability or removable walls if you wish to store small material. 

At, you can hire stacking racks from stock. We have high numbers in stock, so we can supply you with these materials quickly. 




Hire mesh containers



Hire mesh containers

If you want to keep a clear overview of your warehouse, it is advisable to keep the stock visible. Mesh containers, also known as gitter boxes, offer a great solution. The walls of mesh containers are made from wire mesh, meaning that the walls are sturdy but the content remains visible. At, you can find a wide range of mesh containers such as collapsible and fixed construction mesh containers. 

Because the mesh container is suitable both for storage and transport, it is the ideal way of ensuring additional capacity in the event of unforeseen changes. This is why it is easier to simply hire a mesh container for a set period, and once the gitter boxes are no longer required, they no longer take up any space.





Hire containers




Hire containers

Opt for shipping containers when it comes to transporting or storing large materials or a high volume of products. The containers are available in a range of formats, from 6ft to 40ft. Would you like to transport a high quantity of products on a one-off basis? If so, hiring a container is the perfect option. The shipping containers are frequently used for moving goods along with storing household effects during a move or renovation.





Hire stacking bins



Hire stacking bins

Stacking bins are versatile and are used in a wide range of business environments. The plastic stacking bins are available in several varieties. Perforated, closed sides, with lid or reinforced base. A suitable stacking bin is available for every situation. The stacking bins are highly suited to environments such as industry, hospitality, retail or fish/meat processing.

Is the busy season approaching, and do you need additional storage capacity as a result? If so, hiring a stacking bin is the ideal solution. You can quickly and easily respond to changes without making a major, set investment.





 Hire long-term material containers




Hire long-term material containers

The name says it all. A long-term material container is highly suited to long-term storage of materials. In logistics environments, this means of storage is indispensable. The long containers are mainly used in environments in which pipes and tubes can be found. These include construction sites, wholesalers and warehouses. The containers differ in terms of load capacity, material and dimensions. This means that both aluminium and steel containers are available. One material is lighter while the other is more resistant to environmental factors.

The long-term material containers are also suited to stacking. This allows you to create a set-up that is suitable for storing long-term materials and products.




Hire mobile loading ramps


Hire mobile loading ramps is also the ideal place to go for mobile loading ramps. Developed especially to loading and unloading containers and trucks using a forklift. Our loading ramps are ideally suited to loading and unloading with a forklift truck or pallet truck. The loading ramp can be moved with a forklift, is hydraulically height-adjustable and can carry a load of up to 10 tonnes.  

The wheel set under the loading ramp allows you to easily change locations and use the ramp at any location of your choice. This avoids the need for fixed loading and unloading bays at multiple locations. The convenience of this loading ramp saves you time and labour force. Loading/unloading is up to three times quicker than the conventional method, meaning fewer people are required.





Do you need assistance in hiring warehouse equipment? would be delighted to assist!

Do you need assistance in hiring warehouse or transport equipment? At, we enjoy examining the options with you. For 60 years now, we have been experts in the field of storage and transport, and we would love to use this experience to help you along the way. We are home to a wide range of hire equipment whereby quality always takes precedence and for which we can guarantee rapid delivery.


Get in touch with one of our specialists and they would be delighted to assist.