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Order a chemical tank for storage and transport

Kruizinga supplies all kinds of storage and handling products to our customers to meet their needs. One of our solutions is the chemical tank, also known as a transport container, to safely store your liquid chemicals. A chemical tank is a steel container with a tank inside for liquid chemicals. This chemical tank can be supplied with or without an internal tank. This type of chemical tank is very practical not only for the storage of hazardous substances and chemicals, but also for their transportation. With a chemical tank you provide more safety for people who work with these products in terms of storage and handling.

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When to use a chemical tank?

As mentioned above, the chemical containment tank is used for chemical storage. After all, with a steel container you offer optimal protection for your containers, both externally and internally. In the event of a leak, the hazardous liquid remains in the chemical tank and protects the tank in the event of external danger. In addition, shipping containers are widely used for the transportation of liquid chemicals. Steel storage containers are useful for the same reasons as storage, the chemical tank protects the contents thus becoming the ideal asset for its transportation. The reason why the chemical storage tank is so strong is that it is made of galvanized steel.


Who is the transport container for?

A chemical tank is intended as a solution for chemical liquids. To use this type of storage container, you need to work with chemicals or play a part in transporting them. In fact, the companies and organizations most likely to work with the chemical tank are storage and transport companies that specialize in these substances. Companies that use chemicals in the manufacture of their products, companies that produce chemicals, companies in the chemical sector and research centers and laboratories also use the chemical containment tank in their activities.

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What do I use a chemical tank for?

A chemical tank is used to store, transport or process chemical substances and products. It is designed to meet certain chemical resistance and safety requirements, such as preventing spillage or environmental contamination. Chemical tanks are widely used in industrial applications such as the production of chemical products, the storage of fuels and the transport of hazardous substances.

Can I buy used transport containers from Kruizinga?

At Kruizinga you cannot currently buy used transport containers. When they are in stock, you will find them when you filter on the left side of the site under article classification on "used". We also sell all kinds of other second-hand products. You can read more about this on our used page.