Safety mirrors

Safety mirrors -

A safe working environment with safety mirrors or traffic mirrors  

Safety mirrors are the perfect solution to create a better view of obstacles and risks in your warehouse. Safety is the most important thing in both work and private life. Mirrors can easily increase safety. Accidents can happen anywhere, but by using an extra eye you can try to reduce these accidents.


Mirrors are often used in places where accidents can occur. to happen. Think of environments such as warehouses. At Kruizinga we have a wide range of safety mirrors and traffic mirrors. Read more about this below. 




Different types of mirrors for safety at Kruizinga!

At Kruizinga we have many different types mirrors for sale that can make your environment safer. The range consists of an industrial safety mirror, basic observation mirrors or traffic mirrors. But what are the differences between these mirrors? We explain that below!


Industry safety mirror

An industrial mirror is a safety mirror that can be found in, for example, storage areas, warehouses and order picking locations. Vehicles such as forklifts often occur in these environments. It can therefore also be called a forklift mirror or industrial mirror. When employees drive these vehicles, it is important that they can take a look around the corner, so that they know whether someone is walking or driving there. This way accidents can be prevented.


The observation mirrors are in different shapes available. At Kruizinga, for example, we sell round mirrors, 90-degree mirrors, 180-degree mirrors, but also 360-degree mirrors. The number of degrees indicates the extent to which you can see around the corner. We also have mirrors with a magnetic holder, which are efficient and quick to hang.


Basic observation mirrors

A basic observation mirror can consist of different sizes. We have security mirrors of 30 cm mirror, a 40 cm mirror, a 50 cm security mirror, a 60 cm mirror, a 70 cm mirror and an 80 cm mirror. The larger the mirror, the further one can see. You can think of:


- At 50 cm one can look approximately between 5 and 7 meters.

- At 60 cm one can see approximately between 9 and 15 meters.

- At 80 cm one can see approximately between 15 and 22 meters.


The basic observation mirrors are made of plastic material and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The basic mirrors can be found, for example, in schools or shops. This increases the space and makes it easier to watch out for shoplifting, for example.


Traffic mirror

Traffic mirrors, as the name suggests, are mainly used in traffic. For example, a traffic mirror ensures that you as a driver can look around the corner and that the roads appear enlarged. The traffic mirrors at Kruizinga are made of single glass and have a reflective red/white surface. As a result, the mirrors are also visible at night when a driver shines his or her headlights on them.


What features do they have safety mirrors or traffic mirrors?

A traffic mirror can have different properties. As an entrepreneur or consumer, it is important to think carefully about what you want to use the safety mirror for. Features to consider are:


  • - An ECO traffic mirror, or a sustainable traffic mirror.
  • - An anti-freeze traffic mirror. These mirrors can withstand freezing cold, so that they can also be used in winter.


Which accessories belong to a safety mirror?

At Kruizinga we think it is important to be able to supply accessories for products. In this way the quality can be guaranteed. Accessories you can think of are:


  • - Lighting to always illuminate the mirror.
  • - A upright to set up a safety mirror.
  • - A chain to hang round safety mirrors from the ceiling
  • - A mounting bracket to mount a safety mirror on flat surfaces.< /li>


What can you do with a safety mirror?

By installing safety mirrors in dangerous corners or bends increase visibility in multiple directions. This prevents accidents and collisions.

Does Kruizinga also have used safety mirrors?

The range of safety mirrors used changes continuously. It is therefore possible that one day we have a used safety mirror in our range and the next day we don't.  Would you like more information about our used range? Then take a look at our used page.