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Table top carts -

A real work aid on wheels

When you choose a table trolley, you have a product that can be widely used is. The table carts are especially easy to use in warehouses or workshops and are often used as an order picking cart or workshop cart for tools. The castors with brakes are in accordance with the safety standard EN 1757-3 and the carts are made of powder-coated steel tubes and welded profile steel with shelves of 80 to 120 kg load capacity.


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Table trolleys: reliable and flexible

Our table trolleys are equipped with 125mm to 200mm wheels with brake. The frame of the table trolley consists of a sturdy steel tube construction. At Kruizinga we have table trolleys with 2 or 3 floors that are made of wood, steel or plastic. In general, our table trolleys have push handles. This makes the cart easy and flexible to move. Kruizinga also has table top trolleys with a collection tray and tap. You can use this as a drip tray to transport liquids, for example. The table carts have different load capacities between 60 kg and 1200 kg, you can see this in the specifications of the product itself.


What are the advantages of a table cart ?

A big advantage of table trolleys is that they can be used for multiple purposes, such as transport and storage, repair or maintenance of products. The table trolleys are strong, all-round and flexible.


Because the trolleys are highly manoeuvrable and robust, you can use them for different purposes.


They are also available with drip trays, which are very useful if you want to transport liquids, for example.


Table trolley to buy? Kruizinga is ready for you!

Do you have a table trolley in mind but do you have questions? Feel free to contact us via email or fill in our contact form. Our team will help you make the right choice when buying a table trolley. By purchasing a table trolley from Kruizinga, you are assured of the best price/quality ratio with a long service life.


What is a table trolley?

A table trolley is a table on wheels that can be used very widely and is also called a warehouse trolley. With a table top trolley you can easily transport goods within your workshop or warehouse or production area. The table trolleys at Kruizinga consist of 2 à 3 floors.

What is a table trolley used for?

A table trolley can be used for many different purposes and is easy to use in warehouses or workshops. You also often see them in hotels for room service, or in restaurants and hospitals to serve food. The carts are used to quickly and easily transport materials from one workplace to another.

Does Kruizinga also have ESD table trolleys?

In addition to regular table trolleys, Kruizinga also has ESD table trolleys. With these table top trolleys you protect products that are harmful to electrostatic discharges. Consider, for example, printed circuit boards.

Is it also possible to rent a table trolley? 

At the moment it is not possible to rent a table trolley at Kruizinga. Check out our rental page for which means of transport you can hire.

Does Kruizinga also have used table top trolleys?

At Kruizinga we have We have various used products in the range, including used table trolleys in the range. You can filter on this on the left by “used” to check.

Does Kruizinga have other trolleys that are useful in a warehouse?

In addition to an extensive range of table trolleys, we also have a wide range of other trolleys that are useful in a Stockroom. Think of cc wagon, order picking trolley, file trolley, support arm trolley