Used shelved trolley 2 closed side walls
L: 1180, W: 700, H: 1800 (mm)|Article code: 98-7049GB

Product condition: Used
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shelved trolley
2 closed side walls
Article code:
Article arrangement:
pipe material profile steel
2 short side closed
wooden floor plate
Wheels front:
2 castor wheels solid rubber 200 mm
Wheels back:
2 fixed wheels, solid rubber 200 mm
floor / 3 adjustable shelves
Surface treatment:
painted and use damage
Length (mm):
Internal length (mm):
Width (mm):
Internal width (mm):
Height (mm):
Weight (kg)
Type number:
EAN Code (Gtin)

A used steel shelf trolley, also called a warehouse cart, is a useful tool suitable for various applications, such as moving tools, materials, boxes, and other goods in warehouses, workshops, and manufacturing environments. The warehouse cart is made of steel, which ensures durability and sturdiness. Steel is resistant to wear and tear and can support heavy loads, which is essential for use in industrial environments. The cart features three height-adjustable wooden shelves. These shelves provide a flat surface to place and organize goods. The fact that they are height-adjustable makes it possible to adapt the layout of the cart to different loads or storage needs. This table top cart is equipped with two closed sidewalls. These sidewalls provide protection to the goods and prevent them from falling off the cart during transport. Equipped with two rubber swivel casters and two rubber fixed-wheel casters with a diameter of 200 mm. The swivel casters make it easy to maneuver the cart in different directions, while the fixed-wheel casters provide stability when the cart is stationary. Rubber wheels provide grip and reduce vibration, which is useful when moving goods without damaging them.

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